There are many reasons why a driver might need to have a medical examination. Here are the most common:
Seniors 80 and older.

A couple of months before you turn 80 you’ll receive a notice to take a medical examination. You’ll need to take a medical exam that year and every two years thereafter.
Ongoing or reported medical conditions

If you have an on-going or reported medical condition that might affect your ability to drive, you’ll be asked to take a driver’s medical exam.

Commercial drivers

As a commercial driver, you’ll take a medical exam when applying for your licence, as well as on a scheduled basis after that. A doctor usually charges you a fee for these exams.

Downgrading your licence

If you’ve been asked to take your routine commercial medical examination but no longer need your commercial licence, you may choose to downgrade it and opt out of the exam.

To downgrade your licence, visit any driver licensing office or contact us.

Getting your commercial licence back

If you’ve downgraded your commercial licence less than three years ago, you may be able to get it back without taking any tests other than the medical examination.

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