ESEIN HEALTH Parasitology Laboratory is public health reference laboratory for parasitic infections. ESEIN HEALTH undertakings include laboratory diagnostics, development and validation of molecular assays for parasitic pathogens as well as providing educational opportunities for a range of people from future scientists to clinical personnel. ESEIN HEALTH also administers a proficiency program and collaborates with the Department of Health’s Division of Epidemiology on surveillance and outbreaks of parasitic diseases.

In addition to traditional testing, the Parasitology Laboratory provides nucleic acid based testing for species identification of Plasmodium parasites, Babesia microti, Cryptosporidium, Entamoeba and helminths. Leishmania culture services are also available.

Requests for parasitology testing at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are submitted through the Parasitology Laboratory. The capability to submit digital photography of microscopic images reduces response time, often to as little as a few hours.

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